20 September 2007

Journey Towards GOD

Here is an incident that has kindled me to post it on de blog. This thing has all de aspects of a mokkae movie. But then also I think it’s worth going thro this post. There is emotion, action, commitment, chills and thrills, corruption with a blood gushing story line…every thing at the right time and proportions .The story begins with kinda feelings, but there will be other emotions as it progresses.

(Sortta Emotion…)

It’s been 20 years since I have been to last trip there was then when I was 9 months old baby. Things have changed a lot. from the description that my mother gave me as a predeployment synopsis, I had a frame set in my mind as of how the scenario would be. But poor me, my mind set was to be blown soon and my mom’s automata was soon to be proved wrong. It all happened as when I & Cyber made de plan to go to Tirupathi. Every thing was set. Along with Chotu (my younger bro) we three musketeers set our feet for the destination –Tirupathi. As our seats were reserved in the S3 coach of the Sapthagiri Express- the word express doesn’t fit into scenario…it’s the exact opposite “A Maatu Vandi “...any ways lets get back for the real issue.

To be continued......

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