04 December 2008

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29 September 2007

Dragging on..


After reaching the top we thought we had made it to our destination, think again we were wrong again. There were people every where, with luggage and with a sortta frustrated look in their faces. We thought as they were tired of the journey or some other issue would have touched them in a negative way. Our next motive was to find the accommodation where we had to keep our baggage. So we moved on to find the room booking office. We asked many people and counters but it was all in vain. Remember Point 1else have a look at it now…as a final point we reached a place where free bookings of accommodation were to be done. I was surprised when I saw no one in the counter. As I set my foot towards the counter a man stopped me and began telling something in Elegy. I dunno telegu so I wasn’t able to get him. I talked in Tamil but then he didn’t got me. Finally I asked him if he knew Hindi…lucky me he knew it.

27 September 2007

In Search Of God

The train was scheduled for departure at 0630 hrs railway time and to our surprise it was a perfect march. it left the platform no. 11 at 6.30.there was a mix of all ages in our compartment. Senior citizens as old as 70 yrs and sweet 16 sortta we really didn’t mind sitting in our seats...We traveled in our so called Express at a speed that wasn’t even enough to beat the local trains of the city. Hmmm...What to do we had our choice-De Train. There were many stopping when our Express paved way for other local trains and goods wagons. Any how we reached Rungekutta jn. From there our train went backwards in another track to Tirupathi. At 10.00 hrs railway time we reached Tirupathi...

20 September 2007

Journey Towards GOD

Here is an incident that has kindled me to post it on de blog. This thing has all de aspects of a mokkae movie. But then also I think it’s worth going thro this post. There is emotion, action, commitment, chills and thrills, corruption with a blood gushing story line…every thing at the right time and proportions .The story begins with kinda feelings, but there will be other emotions as it progresses.

(Sortta Emotion…)

It’s been 20 years since I have been to last trip there was then when I was 9 months old baby. Things have changed a lot. from the description that my mother gave me as a predeployment synopsis, I had a frame set in my mind as of how the scenario would be. But poor me, my mind set was to be blown soon and my mom’s automata was soon to be proved wrong. It all happened as when I & Cyber made de plan to go to Tirupathi. Every thing was set. Along with Chotu (my younger bro) we three musketeers set our feet for the destination –Tirupathi. As our seats were reserved in the S3 coach of the Sapthagiri Express- the word express doesn’t fit into scenario…it’s the exact opposite “A Maatu Vandi “...any ways lets get back for the real issue.

To be continued......